Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shop update Part II : accessories, lingerie and autumn hues

Ok, so I finally finished the shop update I've been working on last week!

It's been pretty crazy these days between two group shows at ENSBA, trying to go to the pools and sneaking in vintage photo sessions.

After two very long days in school and lugging around sound equipment ( think heavy speakers, mic stands, stage lights, the works ), this weekend I just want to take it easy.

Althought I did do a neighborhood thrift store run which has been pretty frustrating ( Saturday afternoon is certainly the WORST time for any activities, especially thrifting or museum visits ) as it was super crowded and most of the good stuff was already gone, but I managed to score a neat Sonia Rykiel eletric mustard skirt. I'm still on the fence about it going in the shop, so I guess I might just hold on to it a little.

Anyway, chck out the new goodies HERE.

 PS - you can spot the Good Night, Day Jarvis Toque again in these photos

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