Friday, November 29, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Leo McCarrey's My Favorite Wife

When I saw My Favorite Wife a few weeks ago at Le Desperado, little did I know of what I was about to see.

Sure thing, I was in for a treat! I mean, it's a classic screwball comedy with Cary Grant, written by the brilliant Leo McCarrey.

Not to mention Irene Dunn (who unfortunately remains qute unknown) literally shines through the movie.

The plot goes like this - Carey Grant's wife is in a boat accident and presumed dead. After 6 long years with his two kids, he of course remarries. The day of his marriage, his long lost wife and true love comes back.

One of my favorite scenes is when Irene Dunn, dressed in her then already out of fashion '30s clothes, after noticing the mean stare of a young lady, goes to the ladies room and chops off her dress, making it fashionable again.

It's really priceless! And there are so many ridiculously funny yet subtle scenes like that.

Oh, and that amazing two-tone color block dress! Now back then they knew how to do that right.
Seriously, really gorgeous piggy-bank breaking late-night Ebay stalking, obsession-inducing outfits on both genders (and the kids!).

But what was probably more fascinating, was to see the audience's reaction - I literally had half a dozen old ladies giggling their panties off each time Cary Grant was onscreen. Literally every single time. Schoolgirl giggles. On a Saturday night. Priceless.

So I guess that pretty much says it all.

Oh and if you want to get a piece of that '40s magic, remember this blazer from the shop? We're having a sale this weekend so hurry up!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sale (and another snapshot from a long forgotten roll)

First of all - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Ok, I know Black Friday is an American thing (and we just had a sale last two weeks ago), but I can't help but joining in (especially since most of my business still comes from the States).

So enjoy 25% off your purchase with the code BLACK25 at checkout. Expires Tuesday 03/01.

Shop HERE.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Musings : Vernissage portraits (almost an outfit)

So... you know when some random guy/person comes up to you and asksif he can take your picture?
I used to absolutely hate that. I lean, I don't wanna end up on some lame professional photo website or have someone use my image without permission. I am an artist and I care about how my image is used, mainly because I use it a lot. Also, I hate how I look in most photos.

But a couple of years ago I started being more relaxed about it; it lead to some nice encounters and a few nice photos.

So when this guy asked a very bored me if he could take my picture I said sure, which turned into this mini-photo session among the installation. Probably not my most favorite pictures in the world, but I think he did a decent job and you can get another peak at the Jarvis toque.

I don't really know the photographer, but you can see more of ENSBA openings atmosphere here.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shop update Part II : accessories, lingerie and autumn hues

Ok, so I finally finished the shop update I've been working on last week!

It's been pretty crazy these days between two group shows at ENSBA, trying to go to the pools and sneaking in vintage photo sessions.

After two very long days in school and lugging around sound equipment ( think heavy speakers, mic stands, stage lights, the works ), this weekend I just want to take it easy.

Althought I did do a neighborhood thrift store run which has been pretty frustrating ( Saturday afternoon is certainly the WORST time for any activities, especially thrifting or museum visits ) as it was super crowded and most of the good stuff was already gone, but I managed to score a neat Sonia Rykiel eletric mustard skirt. I'm still on the fence about it going in the shop, so I guess I might just hold on to it a little.

Anyway, chck out the new goodies HERE.

 PS - you can spot the Good Night, Day Jarvis Toque again in these photos

Friday, November 22, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Az prijde kocour

This is probably one of those films that don't really need any introduction; you probably already heard about that ''weird film with the cat with sunglasses'', it's been huge all over the internet. 

However, The Cassandra Cat is a real Czech New Wave gem and not just a kids' flick (although you kinda have to like cats in order to enjoy this).

Given the fact that it plays at the Pompidou next week as part of the Marker retrospective, I thought it was a good idea to share a little taste here.

C'mon guys - CATS, I mean a cat with fucking SUNGLASSES from 1963, 60s Prague, crazy colors, MAGIC and a pretty brunette in a body-hugging red unitard/catsuit. 

Seriously, cat with sunglasses. And people literally changing color. And cats.