Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer's almost gone... and a beach outfit

I know, I know everyone's probably sick and tired of Jim Morrisson references,but a lesser known fact is that I used to be a hippie and obsess over The Doors, Woodstock and the '70s.

Reading Patti Smith's Just Kids got me nostalgic over that period again; I was never a big Patti fan (besides loving Horses) but this little memoir is a thrilling and highly emotional book. Naturally, it's a highly romanticized account, but there's a little bit of everything - Chelsea Hotel, The Factory, Harry Smith...even mentions of Hank Williams and lots of literary references.

Being a Mapplethorpe fan it's pretty incredible to learn all this history about the evolution of his work. Regardless, I think it's a highly inspiring book for any aspiring artist or creative. And such a pleasant read!

And of course this used to be one of my favorite songs to listen to in late August, early September, when the weather gets slightly chiller, leaves start turning but school is still a couple of weeks away.

In Romania la rentrée is around September 15th, which kinda had the same effect on everyone as Labor Day has for Americans. The French tradition hails the end of summer somewhere around the first two weeks of September and October 1st.

I spent the last week in Romania at my favorite (now less) deserted beach and now it's time for editing photos, packing and flying back to Paris very soon.

I left the shop and my dear plants in the hands of my trusty roommate, so there would be no shipping delays but unfortunately no updates either until October.

I'm already thinking about shooting in Pere Lachaise, maybe filming a little Super 8 promo film, finally visiting the Gustave Moreau Museum I've heard so much about and just getting wrapped up in all that 19th century gloomy autumn atmosphere.

I still haven't got the summer out of my system but hey there's still a few days left, right?


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shop update : summer sweets and fall favorites

Oh, it's been a while! Thing is I've been busy with other projects lately, so the blog and other social network will be pretty much on low energy for the next two weeks or so.

The good news is that I just added a lot of super cute new items in the shop! Full skirts, 80s and 90s mesh pieces and a few simply adorable items, like this feedsack dress above.

I hope everyone is enjoying their vacation, August will be over soon! Gosh, summer can be so ephemeral...Maybe that's why we love it so much?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : John Ford's The Quiet Man

I have to admit it wasn't until moving to Paris that I started to appreciate classic cinema, especially melodramas, western, and, of course John Ford. The Quiet Man is yet another tardy discovered gem.

Blame it on the French people's obsession with '40s and '50s American cinema, or maybe just on all the repertoire cinemas and Cinematheque programming. Or probably on my lack of a formal cinema education that shaped my taste in a slightly odd manner. 

Either way, on that hot afternoon that I rushed out of the house to make it to Saint Michel for the last screening of this masterpiece, with less than a euro in change, braving the metro rush hour and after a quick run from the RER station to Rue Champollion, I can confess that something really magical happened.

Classic cinema just has a way of completely immersing you in the story, seducing you with that IB Technicolor and leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling and a dumb smile as the movie ends, the lights turn on and life slowly gets back to normal.

Unfortunately they screened a digitally restored copy (something more and more common in these theaters which I personally profusely hate, as it sounds the unavoidable death of film on celluloid as we know it), but the transfer was nice and crisp and in the end that Technicolor still works its other worldly magic, despite the change in format.

I really don't want to tell you much about this film; partly because a lot of you might have already seen it on TCM or elsewhere, but also because I just walked in without much knowledge and have been completely smitten.

It was this post from {local milk} (I simply LOVE this girl's aesthetic and writing) that motivated me to choose this movie this week, not to mention that there's already a darling dress in the shop that bears its name.

Either way, this much I can tell you : it has the most amazing rural scenery, the best simple cottage interiors and anyone obsessing over roses, grazing sheep and emerald green would certainly find their happiness as the French say it (ils vont trouver leur bonheur).

Not to mention Maureen O'Hara is a stone cold fox fiery redhead wearing the best simple primary colored outfits : blue suits with delicate lace collars peeking, full red skirts and the best tweed suits. Oh and did I already talk about the cutest pom pom berets? 

Sure, some may find this movie dated or too traditional, but what I find charming and endearing is that it's actually supposed to be a love letter to traditions and somehow a simpler way of life. Of course it's sexist and full of machismo, but in a way who doesn't want a big strong man that can build a family and fight for the woman he loves?

It might be from 1952, but I find it paradoxically contemporary in its portrayal of the clash of Irish and American cultures (or maybe I just can relate being an expat myself?) and in a very twisted way it kinda makes you believe in love and marriage again.

The story might seem deceitfully simplistic, but please just trust me on this one - stop reading about it and just watch it with an open mind and you might be surprised of the result. I mean... I never thought I'd ever find John Wayne attractive, but I have to admit he is pretty hot in this movie ( is it the fighting? the gardening? I can't tell).

... and of course don't forget to check out the super sweet Maureen O'Hara dress from the shop, it certainly looks very much like this sweet green number from this amazing scene.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outfit: Last Tango in Paris X Feral N0is3 @ Blues Control

90s skirt :IraRed on Etsy
shoes : Dune via ASOS
leather clutch : thrifted
necklace : we never sleep

You might have noticed that the blog is getting artsy-er; I blame it on the series of recently unearthed photos from rolls of films I've been keeping in drawers for too long.

This time around not only there's an outfit on film taken with a disposable in the trashiest fashion, but there's also this series of photos I would normally post on my now-dormant other blog.

So yeah, this is me being a full on music geek and showing here a slice of Feral N0is3, the ongoing noise/experintal music concert imagery archiving project I started when moving to Paris.

Seeing all those musicians I loved and only knew from recordings, as well as discovering new bands has been an incredible experience over the past 3 years. I mean... you actually get to see how these crazy sounds are made!

That's why Feral N0is3 might seem a little extremely fetishistic, as I tend to focus a lot on shit you don't normally see in concert pics : gear, crowds and simply random things that catch my eye.

If in Paris and interested in seeing any noise/free jazz/experimental shit make sure to check out the now classic Instant Chavires, the house-turned concert venue Trashvortex in gritty Ivry and of course Jedrek's Le Non Jazz concert series. I should mention my other friends Henri of La Chaise ( les tabourets) and Maxime's AliFib Gigs , all incredible people who manage to make the impossible happen ever so often. Or you can simply send me a message about shit going down.

I also love some stuff going on at Point Ephemere, SUPER!, Espace B, but these are normally listed on last fm and more towards the Pitchfork/indie/electro scene.

But when it comes to real underground shows, Le Non Jazz seems to literally steal the show; and who wouldn't appreciate Jedrek's sheer magic skills of constantly offering three or four bands on a bill, in often crazy ass locations for the mere price of 6 euros?

Even if the sound may be bad, the place overcrowded or you don't know any of the bands, it's just a cool excuse to hang out, sip a 1.5euros lukewarm Kro, say hello to the other noise show regulars and catch up with your friends.

This particular show was a true piece of NNJZZ history : people were actually dancing! Blues Control (the band I knew previously and really wanted to see) went into this insane synthy stoner craze and then this guy got up and started dancing and everyone followed. It was epic.

...need I also mention that L'espace en cours is a NNJZZ regular and it's basically an artist's studio in this tiny house with a nice tiny courtyard and Persian rugs on the floor?

Given the fact that this has been the first (and only) super warm day in June, it just seemed like the perfect place to be.

Enough geeking out about music now! I just want to say that I simply LOVE this silk skirt I bought from the lovely IraRed on Etsy : it's super soft, has an elastic waistband, a remotely Ikat print AND it has pockets! Can you believe I paid 12$ for it? I certainly still can't. It must have been my biggest steal this year. She has more lovely stuff in her Etsy shop.

This is more or less my hot weather uniform : tube bra, loose tank, flats and a high waisted full skirt. It's funny to think that in the past 3 years I've given up all my accessories and now I'm just wearing a watch and a long necklace. We Never Sleep has a whole new lot of amazing tassel necklaces that are well beyond my means, but if I were to invest in something it would certainly be that or Young Frankk.

And, of course, I'm wearing the oh so '90s Clueless tank top from the shop. I believe these photos finally do it some justice. Find it here.

Oh and this week don't forget about our SALE! If something caught your eye, you have until Saturday to take 20% off your purchase by typing in the code SWIM20 at checkout. Allez-y quoi!

all images via Feral N0is3, poster courtesy of nnjzz

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer SALE!

Yep, it's finally time for that!

I'm offering 20% off in the Etsy boutique throughout this whole week! Great way to fight the heat, huh?

Simply type in the code SWIM20 at checkout in order to get your discount.

Shop HERE.

ps- new items coming next week, including the cutest princess 50s circle skirt, an adorable 30s dress and the coolest 90s lace mesh. stay tuned!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Jerzy Skolimowski's Deep End

As you may have noticed already, I tend to choose films that are not only fashion relevant, but pretty darn amazing flicks to begin with.

Deep End is no exception; maybe inspired by my new swimming pool trespassing hobby, I've been thinking about movies about swimming lately. Of course, there's the amazing The Swimmer, based on the even more amazing John Cheever story. But that one's a classic.

Of course there's Altman's 3 Women that comes to mind, but that's another classic.

Deep End is more of a recently ressurected gem and that probably totally contributes to the amazingness factor. OK, I am saying amazing too much, but I promise this is the only kind od term you can use for these films.

  Jerzy Skolimowski has a relatively unusual career, to say the least; first of all, he's this Polish guy who made his first 5 movies in 3 different languages. Then he took an almost 20 year hiatus and made his comeback with Essential Killing, a thriller starring Vincent Gallo as an escaped terrorist from Afganistan we're supposed to be rooting for.

He also did Le depart, a relatively surreal comedy featuring the French 60s male youth icon Jean-Pierre Leaud and probably the most fun use of a mirror in a movie.

Then he did Deep End, this dark British coming of age drama set in a public swimming pool/bathing house, a weird cross between 3 Women, La ragazza con la valigia, Closely Watched Trains, A Clockwork Orange and The Graduate.

I wouldn't want to give too much away, but basically there's a cute 15 year old who falls head over heels the prettiest young redhead (with the most envy-worthy 70s bangs) and somehow gets sucked into the dirty underbelly of the business because of her.

There's porn, night clubs, sexual favors and tons of hormonal turmoil.

And, of course, the sexiest robes/lab coats (or at least the actors/director make them feel that way), extremely cute 60s and 70s minis, sharp suits...oh and did I mention the colors??

In a way it's the exact opposite of a teen drama (well, unless you consider Larry Clarks's Kids as definitory fo teh genre) and at th same time exactly what the term teen drama should represent (as in a dramatic movie about adolescence, not a stupid flick targeted at adolescents).

Truly unique and worth checking out. Cinephile's honor.