Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outfit: Last Tango in Paris X Feral N0is3 @ Blues Control

90s skirt :IraRed on Etsy
shoes : Dune via ASOS
leather clutch : thrifted
necklace : we never sleep

You might have noticed that the blog is getting artsy-er; I blame it on the series of recently unearthed photos from rolls of films I've been keeping in drawers for too long.

This time around not only there's an outfit on film taken with a disposable in the trashiest fashion, but there's also this series of photos I would normally post on my now-dormant other blog.

So yeah, this is me being a full on music geek and showing here a slice of Feral N0is3, the ongoing noise/experintal music concert imagery archiving project I started when moving to Paris.

Seeing all those musicians I loved and only knew from recordings, as well as discovering new bands has been an incredible experience over the past 3 years. I mean... you actually get to see how these crazy sounds are made!

That's why Feral N0is3 might seem a little extremely fetishistic, as I tend to focus a lot on shit you don't normally see in concert pics : gear, crowds and simply random things that catch my eye.

If in Paris and interested in seeing any noise/free jazz/experimental shit make sure to check out the now classic Instant Chavires, the house-turned concert venue Trashvortex in gritty Ivry and of course Jedrek's Le Non Jazz concert series. I should mention my other friends Henri of La Chaise ( les tabourets) and Maxime's AliFib Gigs , all incredible people who manage to make the impossible happen ever so often. Or you can simply send me a message about shit going down.

I also love some stuff going on at Point Ephemere, SUPER!, Espace B, but these are normally listed on last fm and more towards the Pitchfork/indie/electro scene.

But when it comes to real underground shows, Le Non Jazz seems to literally steal the show; and who wouldn't appreciate Jedrek's sheer magic skills of constantly offering three or four bands on a bill, in often crazy ass locations for the mere price of 6 euros?

Even if the sound may be bad, the place overcrowded or you don't know any of the bands, it's just a cool excuse to hang out, sip a 1.5euros lukewarm Kro, say hello to the other noise show regulars and catch up with your friends.

This particular show was a true piece of NNJZZ history : people were actually dancing! Blues Control (the band I knew previously and really wanted to see) went into this insane synthy stoner craze and then this guy got up and started dancing and everyone followed. It was epic.

...need I also mention that L'espace en cours is a NNJZZ regular and it's basically an artist's studio in this tiny house with a nice tiny courtyard and Persian rugs on the floor?

Given the fact that this has been the first (and only) super warm day in June, it just seemed like the perfect place to be.

Enough geeking out about music now! I just want to say that I simply LOVE this silk skirt I bought from the lovely IraRed on Etsy : it's super soft, has an elastic waistband, a remotely Ikat print AND it has pockets! Can you believe I paid 12$ for it? I certainly still can't. It must have been my biggest steal this year. She has more lovely stuff in her Etsy shop.

This is more or less my hot weather uniform : tube bra, loose tank, flats and a high waisted full skirt. It's funny to think that in the past 3 years I've given up all my accessories and now I'm just wearing a watch and a long necklace. We Never Sleep has a whole new lot of amazing tassel necklaces that are well beyond my means, but if I were to invest in something it would certainly be that or Young Frankk.

And, of course, I'm wearing the oh so '90s Clueless tank top from the shop. I believe these photos finally do it some justice. Find it here.

Oh and this week don't forget about our SALE! If something caught your eye, you have until Saturday to take 20% off your purchase by typing in the code SWIM20 at checkout. Allez-y quoi!

all images via Feral N0is3, poster courtesy of nnjzz

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