Thursday, January 23, 2014

The most perfect mod velvet pants and fancy gloves (now in the shop) might remember this outfit from a while ago.

Now the time has come to finally accept that these pants have become too small for me and they belong in the shop.

Things are getting particularly busy here, with my bday, a group show and big performance coming up!

Having a non-functional computer doesn't help either, but I've been stacking pretty dresses for the shop and can't wait to list them, probably next week.

Paris is getting rainier and warmer, it almost feels like April. It's rather nice.

You can get the pants here. And the green gloves are also in the shop!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings : Winter uniform

We all have our favorite wear-all-the-time items. To me, this cold season (I'm talking Parisian cold here - no snow, drizzly and mostly above zero C temperatures) it's been the Belleville shawl. Looking through recent film snapshots from this past couple of weeks, I seem to be wearing it pretty much everywhere.

Warm, thick and pretty much adding that extra something to every outfit, it's been a pretty amazing companion. Still no photos from Belleville tho, haha!

But yeah - beanie or turban scarf, leather gloves, grey coat and this shawl. And my oversized clutch which is a pretty stylish carryall. For some reason getting dressed up has been a drag during those busy days. Just simple winter chic, no fuss. Can't wait to get my feather boa back and have time for lipstick and heels again!

Tara-Lynn is having a sale in her knits shop at the moment, so if you think of getting one, now's the time!

Shop here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disposable Diary : Villa Savoye (and an outfit. sort of)

I first heard about Villa Savoye reading Alain de Botton's Architecture of Happiness; to my great shame, I have to admit my knowledge of architecture are fairly limited. Maybe that's why I respect architects so much.

By the time our class trip to Le desert de Retz was planned, I had completely forgotten what Villa Savoye standed for - I was convinced it must be some boring old-ass bourge building.

Then I remembered it was this beautiful modernist building with a tragic story; Le Corbusier imagined it as this extremely minimalist, functional, clean space.

The story says that the family who commissioned it couldn't live in it because the roof was leaking ; at the time, construction materials weren't developed to build flattop roofs and this was the first of its kind.

And, of course, I was among sculptors who were pretty smitten with it. Personally, I was quite confused by this living space that is not a living space. But I loved the details- the sinks, the armchairs...

It's pretty amazing to think how popular this kind of design is nowadays and pretty impossible to imagine how much of a shock it was back in 1929 when it was designed. Just think Victorian houses. Exactly.

I guess it's also less impressive for someone familiar with the aberrations of Corbusier-inspired architecture, like all the Romanian housing complexes I grew up in. It was quite eerie to see how much the kids' rooms looked like trashy Communist student dorms.

Now I regret not having taken more photos, but in the end it's such a well-documented building it seemed almost redundant.

There should be a shop update next week, I've been crazy busy with exams and school deadlines lately...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A wave of tenderness swept over me (cosmic mixtape)


I've been getting back into my old listening habits lately - looking at lists, listening to tons of new stuff... I guess being sick and staying home did pay off these last few days.

This one is a little more party-oriented, with more disco/cosmic vibes and outlandish grooves, but it's still an equally home-listening appropriate selection.

I think there's no need to say how much I love David Hamilton's photos; somehow I think they all go well together - his dreamy soft focus 70s nymphs, the music, the quote from Henry Miller's Sexus...

So here is a lazy Sunday selection, with sunshine, flowers and exotic scents. With echoes of parties passed and the anticipation of future celebrations. the meantime there's still 2 days left to shop our vintage sale!