Sunday, January 12, 2014

A wave of tenderness swept over me (cosmic mixtape)


I've been getting back into my old listening habits lately - looking at lists, listening to tons of new stuff... I guess being sick and staying home did pay off these last few days.

This one is a little more party-oriented, with more disco/cosmic vibes and outlandish grooves, but it's still an equally home-listening appropriate selection.

I think there's no need to say how much I love David Hamilton's photos; somehow I think they all go well together - his dreamy soft focus 70s nymphs, the music, the quote from Henry Miller's Sexus...

So here is a lazy Sunday selection, with sunshine, flowers and exotic scents. With echoes of parties passed and the anticipation of future celebrations. the meantime there's still 2 days left to shop our vintage sale!

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