Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings : Winter uniform

We all have our favorite wear-all-the-time items. To me, this cold season (I'm talking Parisian cold here - no snow, drizzly and mostly above zero C temperatures) it's been the Belleville shawl. Looking through recent film snapshots from this past couple of weeks, I seem to be wearing it pretty much everywhere.

Warm, thick and pretty much adding that extra something to every outfit, it's been a pretty amazing companion. Still no photos from Belleville tho, haha!

But yeah - beanie or turban scarf, leather gloves, grey coat and this shawl. And my oversized clutch which is a pretty stylish carryall. For some reason getting dressed up has been a drag during those busy days. Just simple winter chic, no fuss. Can't wait to get my feather boa back and have time for lipstick and heels again!

Tara-Lynn is having a sale in her knits shop at the moment, so if you think of getting one, now's the time!

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