Friday, November 28, 2014

Film&Fashion Fridays : Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation

I know I got on the whole Gregg Araki bandwagon pretty late; it may be because I started with one of his newer films - Smiley Face- and even though the dark humor and general wackiness were there, the sheer teen angst and despair and 90s nihilism were gone. Not to mention the amazing hues that digitally shot films simply cannot replicate.

So after being practically blown away by Nowhere, I decided it was about time to see the rest of the trilogy. Hence The Doom Generation.

This is one of those movies you feel like screencapping through - the hair, the outfits, the production design and just hyper-stylized directing style are just hypnotic.

Sure, it may seem vapid, self indulged and simply hollow, but isn't that what makes teen movies SO great?

It's a nod to Pulp Fiction, French New Wave, Bonnie and Clyde road movies and pretty much a big middle finger in the face to all his detractors being dubbed 'a heterosexual movie' though I can't remember seeing THIS much homoerotic tension on screen recently.

And, ultimately, it's FUN! In a dark, gory, apres moi le deluge sort of way.

Pretty much not anyone's cup of tea. And yet you can understand movies like Springbreakers of pretty much any of Xavier Dolan's glossy music video grandiosity so much better.

Of course Nowhere is the masterpiece of the trilogy, but this is a pretty good starting point with bleak and drony 90s music and dream-like night scenes. Not to mention cute 60s with chronic bitchface and just the most badass grungy outlaw guys.

These shots should probably give you a taste - or better yet just watch the trailer.

And of course there's the NOWHERE collection to shop if you're vibing the all these moods as much as I am and want to get an even blunter bob and dye my hair in a slimy color and wear cateye sunglasses, Doc Martens and transparent raincoats (I mean HOW cool was that outfit???) after seeing these.

If you see anything you fancy, remember everything is on sale until Tuesday.

You can't face the apocalypse not properly dressed now can you?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday SALE! And a cool peacock

OK, so everyone's doing Black Friday; even in Romania where it's just a big shopping event with no connection with Thanksgiving or anything whatsoever. They don't even translate the name! Crazy, right?

So in order to be in tune with the rest of the Internet, I'm offering Last Tango in Paris customers 25% off their purchase with the code BLACK25 at checkout! Ends 12/03. Starts tonight!

And of course this picture of another big exotic bird - the peacock you can sometimes spot wandering about without a care in the world at Parc Floral. Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shop update : The NOWHERE collection

I'm happy to finally present you with... the NOWHERE collection! Some of you guys might have seen a few looks popping up already on Tumblr and Chictopia, but I never got a chance to present my concept fully before.

I do like trying to group my vintage finds in little collections when I get the chance and this batch of velvet and 90s finds just go so well together!

After seeing Gregg Araki's hypnotic movie NOWHERE, I knew I needed no other references. 90s movies just look SO good on film! It's just so sad that the Cinemathèque is showing less and less prints lately...

It's just everything I loved mashed into 80-something minutes - teen drama, camp, trippy colors, sex, and the most out-there brand of absurd humor. Just watch the trailer!

Sure, it might not be for everyone, but the fashion is simply insane! Crop tops, 60s space age outfits and all the platform shoes you can dream of!

Each look was inspired by a character; you can read more in the description of each listing. A proper movie post will be coming up soon.

They're all in the Etsy boutique now! Happy shopping :)



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Caturday + new hair!

Ok, so I went there - I got the Sylvie Vartan. Or the blonde Mireille Mathieu.

But you probably noticed since this post.

Since growing out my hair after cutting my dreads (oh yes I HAD dreads!) I somehow never got through the whole bob+blunt bangs phase; I might have had a bowl cut at one point, but my fringe was always thin and sideswept.

I can't say I'm loving it (kinda makes me feel 16) but hey it looks good in photos with minimal styling and that's all that matters for a fashion blog, right?

The ongoing joke is that I wanted to look more French, but the harsh truth is that I've been battling some pretty serious hair loss recently and it's been pretty scary and depressing.

But how cool is this kitty? Not mine unfortunately, but it belongs to a good friend. Her name is Amanda and he claims she's the cat version of Kate Moss. Now how can you argue with that

My hair has grown since and my bangs have already received their first at-home haircut. Just check out the new shop pix.

Any drastic haircut stories?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On the table, there sits a rose...

I've been quite obsessed with this Diana Ross song for a while now; maybe because it resonates with my domestic (read interior decorator's) instincts or just because it's super catchy and positive (well, that also).

I love having flowers and plants around - you probably already noticed all the arrangements in the shop photos.

My approach is pretty instictive - I don't follow any aranging rules and try and use seasonal plants; I also use vintage glasswear and improvise with jars a lot. I'd love to do something a little more professional with this one day.

Lately I've been trying to document them better, especially since I got my proper film camera back.

So here are a few summer bouquets I shot with this gorgeous warm August light.

Can't wait to get my new rolls back from the lab! 

I might just turn this into a regular thing :)