Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shop update : The NOWHERE collection

I'm happy to finally present you with... the NOWHERE collection! Some of you guys might have seen a few looks popping up already on Tumblr and Chictopia, but I never got a chance to present my concept fully before.

I do like trying to group my vintage finds in little collections when I get the chance and this batch of velvet and 90s finds just go so well together!

After seeing Gregg Araki's hypnotic movie NOWHERE, I knew I needed no other references. 90s movies just look SO good on film! It's just so sad that the Cinemathèque is showing less and less prints lately...

It's just everything I loved mashed into 80-something minutes - teen drama, camp, trippy colors, sex, and the most out-there brand of absurd humor. Just watch the trailer!

Sure, it might not be for everyone, but the fashion is simply insane! Crop tops, 60s space age outfits and all the platform shoes you can dream of!

Each look was inspired by a character; you can read more in the description of each listing. A proper movie post will be coming up soon.

They're all in the Etsy boutique now! Happy shopping :)



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