Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Caturday + new hair!

Ok, so I went there - I got the Sylvie Vartan. Or the blonde Mireille Mathieu.

But you probably noticed since this post.

Since growing out my hair after cutting my dreads (oh yes I HAD dreads!) I somehow never got through the whole bob+blunt bangs phase; I might have had a bowl cut at one point, but my fringe was always thin and sideswept.

I can't say I'm loving it (kinda makes me feel 16) but hey it looks good in photos with minimal styling and that's all that matters for a fashion blog, right?

The ongoing joke is that I wanted to look more French, but the harsh truth is that I've been battling some pretty serious hair loss recently and it's been pretty scary and depressing.

But how cool is this kitty? Not mine unfortunately, but it belongs to a good friend. Her name is Amanda and he claims she's the cat version of Kate Moss. Now how can you argue with that

My hair has grown since and my bangs have already received their first at-home haircut. Just check out the new shop pix.

Any drastic haircut stories?

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