Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer's almost gone... and a beach outfit

I know, I know everyone's probably sick and tired of Jim Morrisson references,but a lesser known fact is that I used to be a hippie and obsess over The Doors, Woodstock and the '70s.

Reading Patti Smith's Just Kids got me nostalgic over that period again; I was never a big Patti fan (besides loving Horses) but this little memoir is a thrilling and highly emotional book. Naturally, it's a highly romanticized account, but there's a little bit of everything - Chelsea Hotel, The Factory, Harry Smith...even mentions of Hank Williams and lots of literary references.

Being a Mapplethorpe fan it's pretty incredible to learn all this history about the evolution of his work. Regardless, I think it's a highly inspiring book for any aspiring artist or creative. And such a pleasant read!

And of course this used to be one of my favorite songs to listen to in late August, early September, when the weather gets slightly chiller, leaves start turning but school is still a couple of weeks away.

In Romania la rentrée is around September 15th, which kinda had the same effect on everyone as Labor Day has for Americans. The French tradition hails the end of summer somewhere around the first two weeks of September and October 1st.

I spent the last week in Romania at my favorite (now less) deserted beach and now it's time for editing photos, packing and flying back to Paris very soon.

I left the shop and my dear plants in the hands of my trusty roommate, so there would be no shipping delays but unfortunately no updates either until October.

I'm already thinking about shooting in Pere Lachaise, maybe filming a little Super 8 promo film, finally visiting the Gustave Moreau Museum I've heard so much about and just getting wrapped up in all that 19th century gloomy autumn atmosphere.

I still haven't got the summer out of my system but hey there's still a few days left, right?


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