Monday, November 4, 2013

Jewelry Crush : Cursive Design

As you guys probably noticed already, I do have a soft spot for modern jewelry. And by that I mean small scale/handmade/ indie designer stuff, often containing brass, vintage flotsam and semi-precious gemstones. I was never much of a precious metal girl, not to mention diamonds/sparkly stuff, although I do believe pearls are beautiful.

I also really like this whole geometric/minimalist/long necklace trend ; I believe it really adds something to my mostly thrifted/vintage wardrobe. As already mentioned many times before, I'm wearing my We Never Sleep pieces to death and I have to admit they've been my best purchase probably (along with my AA riding pants).

I guess I just stick to necklaces now as I have a long history of losing earrings (and getting tired of wearing the long heavy kind I like), I need to wear bangles/cuffs up to my elbow and get annoyed by that too quickly and I also have a superstitious approach to rings ( and a touching-my-hair-too-much habit).

And with the holiday season right around the corner, what could be more appropriate than new things to covet?

Without further ado, here's my latest most coveted discovery : Cursive Design.

Upon spotting this beautiful yet playful piece on of/a kind, I simply fell in love with Sarah Fox's creations. Sure, there's plenty of people using leather, tassels, brass, beads and crystals at the moment, but her pieces really feel like little works of art.

It has something of the légèreté of an Alexander Calder mobile, combined with childhood woodblock constructions and a brilliant use of color. It shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the Chicago-based designer was originally trained as a sculptor.

I for one am completely smitten and would totally spend my money on her stuff, if I had any. Especially that sunset necklace!

Read more about Cursive Design here.

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