Friday, November 22, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Az prijde kocour

This is probably one of those films that don't really need any introduction; you probably already heard about that ''weird film with the cat with sunglasses'', it's been huge all over the internet. 

However, The Cassandra Cat is a real Czech New Wave gem and not just a kids' flick (although you kinda have to like cats in order to enjoy this).

Given the fact that it plays at the Pompidou next week as part of the Marker retrospective, I thought it was a good idea to share a little taste here.

C'mon guys - CATS, I mean a cat with fucking SUNGLASSES from 1963, 60s Prague, crazy colors, MAGIC and a pretty brunette in a body-hugging red unitard/catsuit. 

Seriously, cat with sunglasses. And people literally changing color. And cats.

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