Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Musings : Vernissage portraits (almost an outfit)

So... you know when some random guy/person comes up to you and asksif he can take your picture?
I used to absolutely hate that. I lean, I don't wanna end up on some lame professional photo website or have someone use my image without permission. I am an artist and I care about how my image is used, mainly because I use it a lot. Also, I hate how I look in most photos.

But a couple of years ago I started being more relaxed about it; it lead to some nice encounters and a few nice photos.

So when this guy asked a very bored me if he could take my picture I said sure, which turned into this mini-photo session among the installation. Probably not my most favorite pictures in the world, but I think he did a decent job and you can get another peak at the Jarvis toque.

I don't really know the photographer, but you can see more of ENSBA openings atmosphere here.

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