Friday, November 8, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Pier Paolo Pasoloni's Arabian Nights

A lot of people love Pasolini; a probably larger amount are simply revolted by his movies. However, in the cinephile milieu, he's pretty much an untouchable god, the subversive, more sophisticated alternative to Felini.

Maybe it has to do with seeing Salo at an early age, but I was never part of the Pasolini cult following.

But seeing  Arabian Nights, or in its original title, Il fiore delle mille e une notti, which means ''the flower of the 1001 nights'', I think I started to soften up towards him a little more.

I mean, the movie is magic. And I mean that not in the Disney cheesy sense, but in the losing oneself in it and believing every bit kinda way.

Don't expect your regular fairy tale or childhood memories of reading stories from the Arabian Nights; it is a true adult movie in the sense that yes, it does involve a lot of nudity and a fair share of explicit sex scenes, but it also has so much poetry and fantastical creatures and it all just works in this magical multiracial desert universe of palm trees and gold brocade.

Despite all the nudity involved, there's a fair share of amazing tunics and other embroidered fabrics parading through the film.

But what really caught my attention is the detail of all the accessories : hair jewellery, cloaks, umbrellas and the decor in general.

All I could think about after seeing it was gold, mirrors and black cock. Also, the surreal smile that everyone seemed to have most of the time.

It is definitely something else and totally worth seeing. Trust me.

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