Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beanies, beaches and the '90s ( a belated outfit post )

90s dress :thrifted

cardi :Monki
tote bag: ASOS
beanie : borrowed
everything else : thrifted

Yes, I'm still posting photos from the summer ; I guess there was just this number of nice photos that didn't get to be posted at the right time, so I just prefer posting them now than never (especially now, in what I like to call official coat weather).

Plus, film photography is just SO much better!

It is utterly seasonally inappropriate, but so in tune with my eternal warm weather longing; there's just something about summer, vacations, lazy days and wearing less layers. Naturally, I still complain about the heat when summer finally comes, but I can't help but maintain this escapist fascination with the season.

Not to mention my infinite love of sea/water; when wearing a trashy beanie in the summer because your hair is wet and cold, not for trying to follow some silly, when you dump a cardigan in your tote for the evening chill... Finding strange flowers and objects around the beach, driftwood, glass and old bottles.

Walking with your feet in the water along the shoreline after sunset.

 I don't remember the 90s all that well; my best testimonial about the decade are those photos of a very young me with short hair, crooked teeth, Matrix sunglasses and neon leggings. And probably my dad's fanny packs. Definitely the fanny packs. I'm not crazy about the whole 90s revival trend but there are those easy, almost frumpy elements I can relate too : long skirts,big cardigans,loose shapes, flannel plaids and work boots.

In retrospect, this looks like a very grungy 90s outfit; to me, every single element of it has a practical explanation (including my now-obsolete sun hat).

At the same time I think it's pretty and stylish. And that's why I love every piece of it.


  1. Very cute! Love that Adidas beanie. I'm thinking of a quote from Albert Camus "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."

    1. thank you! funny how a once wear-around-the-house item can be transformer if stolen by the right person. that quote is really beautiful and so spot on!

  2. I'm sitting here shivering under two sweaters and the vision of you with your feet bare in the water is making me shiver! haha. I see the 90's in this, although you seem to missing a fanny pack! I don't remember too much of the 90's either, but the style of the decade is pretty comforting in a "childhood!" sorta way.