Sunday, November 3, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Bell, Book and Candle (Sunday edition)

There seems to be a magic theme going on with this blog series... Given the whole Halloween/ Day of the Dead context, I think this is a highly appropriate yet unconventional movie. And yes, I know it's a bloody Sunday, but I had a crazy weekend so I guess later is better than never, huh?

Anyway, what makes Bell, Book and Candle SO great? Well, first off it has witchcraft, romance and ... cats! And who doesn't love a good cat movie? Or just seeing cats onscreen ?

Given the whole Chris Market retrospective, I think us Parisians have been doing a lot of cat spotting.

However, if this wasn't enough to convince you, there's a beautiful bluray rip floating around, showcasing Kim Novak's incredible beatnik do and all black outfits (it's 1958 after all), along with her amazing African Art gallery/boutique, not to mention her kooky magic friends with their dark boho houses!

Also, did I mention the capes? And the hoods? And that leopard coat? And all her simple monochrome outfits? Oh and walking barefoot out of the house?

Oh and Jamie Steward! Looking like a complete idiot most of the time, but such a darling little sucker!


  1. Oh! I havent seen that movie in years! It's wonderful! :) x

  2. Never seen that movie, looks fun though. I will have to check it out.