Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Les couleurs complémentaires ( outfit )

  bodysuit:American Apparel (gift)
silk pants :thrifted
KEDS : gift
market bag: thrifted
necklace :DIY

I was pretty shocked this summer when a friend told me he didn't know what complementary colors were ; then I realized that this sort of information belongs to clothes-obsessed girls and kids who were forced to take painting classes. Or maybe just art students.

You all know them - red and green, yellow and violet, orange and blue - those colors that together have the most contrast, bring out the best in each other.

I think this might apply to people also. Or maybe just to classical painting and Christmas trees. Sure, the red/green thing brings to mind Amelie Poulin, but I also remember this year in high school when a classmate challenged me to wear only red/blue outfits for the last week of school before the winter break.

It's too bad I didn't document the experiment, given the fact that I was already familiar with street style blogs at the time. Also, I believe I did a terrific job.

This is of course a long overdue September outfit, but I think it somehow works with the whole Holiday spirit. Chromatically, of course.

I still haven't fully figured out the sizing for this American Apparel bodysuit, although I love the style to pieces; in a size small the upper part fits well, but the torso feels a little too long, creating a weirdly long ass. However, the proportions seem better for the black one in the same size as my other grey and red one. Mystery!

I just love how this double exposures turned out ; they look planned, not as if I shot over an already exposed film by mistake (which was totally the case). Thing is I still don't know who shot that roll I took as empty! Maybe I did it the previous winter after all. So strange (or just clumsy). You can see other shots from the same roll here.

Also, I've added about a dozen new items to the shop, check it out if you haven't already!

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