Saturday, November 24, 2012

Latest photoshoot - me and Viktorja part II

Hello darlings!

I know I keep feeding you old news, but these photos were just too ridiculously goofy to pass...

You may remember that post about our photoshoot with Viktorja on one of those days it was supposed to be sunny but got suspiciously dark right when we were ready to start?

What can I say? We were lucky enough it didn't rain!

These are a few quick shots we took right before leaving while Viktorja was getting ready... The skirt and blazer should be in the boutique next week!

Don't mind the retarded Halloween pumpkin that was actually starting to get gross...

So, if this was a pre-shoot, you could call this series a post-shoot as by the time we came back to the apartment from the nearby piazza we were shooting, the sun was ready to set, the sky still overcast and we kinda had to resort to a few tricks to make it work: let's call them mr. long exposure and mrs. discreet artificial lighting.  Might need to plan things out better next time...

A la prochaine?


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