Friday, November 30, 2012

Disposable Diary

Hello darlings!

 Yesterday I finally got my negatives back from the lab! I love carrying a disposable around and more than often I get to have others take my picture with it...

In this one I was walking to school on my usual route through the famous Pont des arts (you know, where lovers put a lock on the fence w their names on and through the keys in the Seine so their love will last forever? I've heard that the Mairie has to constantly take them down as there are just too fucking many of 'em!)  when it started POURING rain right as I got out! 

It was just so ridiculous that I asked a passing asian tourist to snap my photo. Like ''Oh look at me! I'm in Paris and it's raining but I'm loving it!". Too good to turn down ;)

I was planning on working on the sound studio, but by the time I got there, about 5 minutes after, I was already soaking wet. Luckily I had a change off clothes as I previously left stuff for the shop to photograph in a suitcase there.

And, bien sur, in typical Parisian fashion, next time I went out half hour later it was almost nice and nice. Just almost. That means pretty much grey.  Below there's a couple more shots from my walk from Pont Neuf to Pont des arts; do notice the closed bouquinistes stands!

As for the weather... A British girl told me today that Paris is way nicer than London in this respect, but it's still like London in terms of grey, wind, rain only...milder; sooo... go Paris? 




  1. aw. i miss paris, even the rainy days.

  2. hey, i know i love to complain a lot, but there really is too little sunshine in this city...