Saturday, November 24, 2012

On Set - Une bouteille de vin sur la table pt.I

Hello darlings!

Hope everyone has spent a lovely weekend so far and a nice Thanksgiving back in the States.

These photos are almost a month old and sincerely I have no idea where did all that time fly... 

As I mentioned in the about me page, sometimes I get to work with people making films. Sometimes I need to be on set as well and for this particular shoot we had to take a little field trip to the far edges of Ile-de-France, the ones you need to reach by railway.

It was the morning after Halloween, right on the national holiday of Tous Saints (in Romania we celebrate November 1st as day of the dead as well, which mostly translates into tons of chrysanthemums and  candles and people cleaning graves...), we started the day with sunshine that turn into a 10-minute hail storm right when we got off the bus to catch our train, followed by more sunshine in the afternoon as you can notice.

I think that describes Parisian weather pretty well for you- clouds, sun, hail then sunny again. Some friends of mine once said you can have the whole seasonal cycle here in one day and they weren't completely wrong.

Waking up early and facing the hail proved worth it in the end as the house we were shooting at was really nice and the whole area looked very much like a lost medieval countryside, even if it was only a half hour away from Gare de L'Est. 

As you can notice from my outfit, we left in such a hurry that I didn't even get to shower ( yes, such a french thing to do )  and threw on my comfy go-to outfit : AA riding pants, cashmere sweater, loafers and a big blazer. 

Of course I ALSO had a ridiculous '30s hat on, the one that makes me look like peter pan, but by the middle of the day I just took it off and had another failed attempt of gathering my unruly in-between-lengths hair in a damn ponytail.

We were shooting a short film with only two characters that an actress friend of mine wrote with her bff based on an improv piece they did.

This was a particularly small and friend-based crew but it was still a very nice experience. I was in charge of costumes and decor and just went for the pre-shoot day in order to dress the set. 

 And, as on every shoot, there's a lot of time when you're just waiting around doing nothing... So I just took advantage of the nice light to good around with one of the test cameras; I still don't like using digital cameras for my work, but the place was so pretty and I was too tired to think about bringing my trusty Russian Chmena or any disposable so I had to make do.

Here you have a nice shot of the house we were shooting at and a bit of the garden with all the nice little details that made it so charmingly French. 

 In the end my boredom shots turned out to be good location scouting and I also found a swing!

I was the only one going back to Paris in the evening, I felt like in Mad Men, taking the suburban train from the city home... only the other way around.

The rest of the crew spent the weekend shooting at this lovely house. 

There will be a follow-up with the girls and the costumes, I'm really curious to see the final result!

Stay tuned!


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