Saturday, November 17, 2012

Introducing... The Daily Lounge!


Hello darlings!

 Yesterday I just came up with an idea- every single blogger on the planet who's running a fashion/vintage-related blog does what they call those ''outfit posts''. OK, maybe not everyone. But most of them do.

And we see more or less elaborated photos, heavily edited in general taken with fancy cameras in cool locations that want to showcase real people wearing everyday clothes

With the development of street style and the ''what i wore'' sites like Lookbook or Chictopia, the root concept that made street style so exciting got kinda blurred out by the Fashion Week celeb shots on the oldest street style blogs (I'm talking to you Sartorialist/ Face Hunter!) and well... the other networks are just too staged to be ''real''.

Of course, don't get me wrong, I don't believe everything and everyone is like that, but it's just a little say... awkward to see that you can't relate to those people anymore. What happened o the blogosphere since the last time I was around? I guess it just got big.

I don't wanna sound like fat frustrated chips-eating lady (yet I do love my Pringles) who boycotts the use of professional models in women's magazines ut I'd just like things to sound more like they really are.

Of course we all want to look our best in photos and maybe in the end it would be depressing to just see girls with greasy hair and sweatpants. 

BUT, and this is what I'm asking you- aren't we all like that? At least one day a week? I simply can't imagine that someone would be wearing heels and red lips 24/7 then slip into some lacy nightgown and kitten-heeled slippers and wake up like that.

So, in order to maybe add something different to the whole debate, I give you... The Daily Lounge!

Yes, that's exactly what it is- the stuff you don't see but you kinda would wanna see. 

The stuff we wear when we get home after a long day out and about, the holey sweaters you throw on when you think nobody's there to see you, the shirts you sleep in and those oh-so-comfy leggings you like eating your chips in while wrapped in a blanket.

...and for its first episode I give you yesterday's outfit : a 70s Terry full body pajamas!

The softest, warmest thing in the world that I do need to take off each time I need to go to the ladies' room, that make my already big thighs enormous and overall just make me look like a HUGE baby.

I recently got them from Cricketcapers on Etsy and they're probably one of the best investments I ever made.

Of course, I was sick with cramps all day and didn't go in at the office, stayed in bed and watched enough Bill Hicks to make me feel better about being an angry, negative bitch to everyone around this time of the month.

And of course after a while I just HAD to put on a pretty flower crown I made, in order to feel prettier... May I need to add- it worked?

What's your favorite around the house lounge outfit?  Do you invest in fancy pajamas? 


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