Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shop Update : winter florals and pastels

Finally! The long-awaited update is online! I've been planning on doing it for at least two weeks now, but alas my life has been pretty crazy busy.

I need to get back into regular updates schedule, now that my two-performances-in-3-days week is over. Being a performer is hard! But so so so much fun! And so rewarding when things work out well.

Anyway, I am very happy with this little collection; it's just February-ready - it has a few winter things, lots of black, grey and pink (pastel goth anyone?) and floral, spring like pieces.

It's also been Menswear Fashion Week in Paris; of course I didn't see any shows, but I've been spotting a lot more uber-stylish people taking photos around Pont des Arts on my way to school.

All these knits, 70s dresses and the super-cool menswear Dries van Noten belt (!! i know right?) are now in the shop.

Other blogging activities shall resume soon.

Have a great week everyone!


Emperor Tomato Ketchup cardigan

 Purple Rose of Cairo sweater blouse


  1. the second-to-last outfit is so Audrey Horne!

    1. ha ha indeed! i was going more for anna karina in bande a parte, but i guess audrey might be a better fit. great characters either way!
      also - is it just me or twin peaks just looks super trendy if you watch it now? plaid shirts, navajo prints...