Friday, February 21, 2014

Film&Fashion Fridays : Carlos Saura's Cria Cuervos

Oh wow, it's been a while since my last Film&Fashion Fridays post! It's not like I haven't been seeing movies lately (I go to the cinema at least once a week), or that I ran out of notable films (that would never happen), but rather I couldn't seem to organize myself to do these posts when they're supposed to be done (aka Fridays!). Or at least schedule them.

Without further ado, here's a strange coincidence that happened this week - I still home ready to go  my obligatory Spanish class in school and I was playing 45s - you ever do that ''one more song and then I'm REALLY going'' thing? Well, my song this time was the intoxicating Porque te vas.

...and just when I get to my class, guess what the teacher does? She invites us to watch Cria Cuervos (which has this song as its theme) instead of having our regular class! Now how cool/strange is that?!

I remember watching it about 8 years ago and really liking it; and, of course, obsessing over Porque te vas 
 ever since. I didn't remember much of the film, except that I was really shocked to discover all the political undertones upon reading some essays (it was made the year Franco died; yep, I'm pretty much a history/politics ignoramus).

Upon watching it again... the story was almost more clear, even though we watched it with Spanish subs (doh). What was more shocking to me now I guess was how sensual and disturbing the film was.

Oh, and the outfits!! I mean Anna Torrent's costumes are pretty much to die for ! I know this sounds very disturbing, especially if you consider she was like 8 at the time and they're pretty much standard schoolgirl things like pleated skirts with pan collar shirts and cardigans, or a turtleneck instead. I mean - doesn't that sound pretty much like a vintage blogger's uniform?

There's also a pretty swoon amount of 70s classy elegance and 40s-inspired dresses.

But I think what really steals the film is Geraldine Chaplin playing both grown up Anna and her deceased mother. In Spanish! Which my teacher confirmed it was really her voice as she was married to the director and loved Spanish culture. Her accent is pretty mind-boggling. Or she might actually have her facts wrong as everywhere on the internet the critics say her voice as ''older Anna'' was dubbed by a Spanish actress.

It's truly a classic, pretty much film student entry level classic even, but in case you haven't seen it yet - well, you better see it!

And not because it's foreign and set in the 70s with amazing cinematography and a sweet soundtrack - but because it's this cruel tender story of three little girls who just lost their parents living in this big old mansion in the middle of Madrid in their little garden enclave with their maid/nanny and aunt, it's a story about living in the past, about coming on age and ultimately, change.

There's a beautiful Criterion release (and a great essay), but it must be amazing to see in theaters (especially on film)!



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  2. Geraldine Chaplin - such an interesting actress. And her eyes...