Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shop Update : Blissed Out 90s


This past week has been pretty crazy with school and other projects, but I'm happy I finally managed to photograph and list a few items I've been keeping around for a while.

It's been a fruitful thrifting period, I keep finding cool shoes in my size (including a pair of Dieppa Restrepo ankle booties ! probably biggest score ever besides this Sonia Rykiel skirt).

Paris has been rainy, stormy and moody, with cold days of sunshine in between.

Also, my external harddrive that had outfit photos and some artwork documentation among other important things just died on my yesterday! I guess I learned an important lesson in file backup... aka copy things in multiple places! Which I never do cuz I never have enough space...

So enjoy these cool 90s maxi dresses (very on trend right now) alongside Wes Anderson-worthy separates and the ultimate Moonrise Kingdom/ French New Wave coat.

All now in the shop

Conte d'hiver sweater

 Welcome to the Dollhouse cardigan


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  2. I wish I were as good at thrifting as you!! I'm going to Paris for a workshop this spring, you'll have to share your secrets with me please. :>

    1. aww! I don't know how much is a skill or it's just practice and persistence :P
      But sure, let me know when you'll be in Paris, I'm like an unofficial guide to thrifting, art and music shows and underground film screenings. So yeah just email me and I'll give you some pointers/adresseses.