Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fancy Florals - ranunculus and supermarket roses

I always had a thing for floral arangements; well, maybe not so much for arrangements as for flowers in general.

I never liked the neat, long stemmed flowers, neigther the standard half-dead roses - I was more into wild flowers or stolen garden roses with short stems I would put in jars and tiny old milk bottles.

From what I see on Pinterest now, this type of floral style is gaining quite some popularity; I always wanted to document my bouquets outside my art projects, so setting up the "studio room" for a new vintage goodies shoot (more on that soon) seemes like a good opportunity.

As much as everyone in Europe likes showing contempt towards Valentine's Day, last evening going into Dia (the cheapest ghetto grocery store in France; tho they have good plants) after a thrifting session to get icecream, I ended up buying roses - two bouquets for the price of one! Now that's what I call effective capitalism!

At least the cashier lady was nice enough to shout at my absent-minded-disco-blasting-in-my-headphones self about the offer. I also ended up buying an air plant! (or rather rescuing it, considering the poor thing was GLUED to this fugly ceramic claw-like structure -who does that??)

Funny thing is that right as I went up I realized I had forgotten my thrift store bag, then ran down and stood in a big line at Picard among local couples stocking up on gourmet frozen food; I guess I wasn't the only one having Picard for V-day dinner, not that I really cared.

So having all this flowers super-motivated me to take photos today; I'm pretty happy with the result, although I think this little setup might be the best thing about it. Also I had the ranunculus for 2 weeks already, crazy how two of these guys are still alive!

Enjoy these for now and who knows, I might actually turn this into a regular thing!


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