Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Label Crush : POP CPH

 OK, it's quite rare that I actually write about designers and labels; I mean when I do, it HAS to be something special.

POP CPH is one of the few brands that I had the chance to actually discover in person - I mean in product, rather.

It all started with an ASOS purchase, after which I just had to learn more about them. I mean, most of the shit I like is American or non-European (the blogs I follow might have sth to do with that also), so seeing sth European is always a good surprise.

Their minimalist yet practical deigns really hit the spot in terms of what I'm looking for at the moment, especially for buying new clothes. Like I want something versatile, easy to care for, affordable and made to last. Staple basics, pretty much. And so much 70s, 80s and 90s glam!

In short, they do simple, edgy casual clothes in nice fabrics like cotton and silk which is like SUPER RARE these days (trust me). AND they only have shops in Copenhagen so it's totally non-corporate.
Not to mention relatively cheaply-priced for what this is, really. Oh and did I mention it's both womens and menswear? A lot of the pieces work for both tho.

The sweatshirt I bought is really like the softest thing in the world, tho I can't swear on it as I need to see how it looks after a wash. But boy, I haven't seen pure cotton like that in ages!

So for the fans of ZARA, COS, ACNE and Céline, here's a mid-range fairly affordable alternative that's cool and slightly under the radar.

Oh and did I mention they do parties?? How cool is that? Here's the brand in their own words

POPcph was founded in Copenhagen in 2005 by a passion to create
- extraordinary parties, style & experiences.
Since 2005, POPcph has been hosting parties where fashion meets
clubbing, underground meets pop culture, designers & models meet
common people and cool kids meet old rock & rollers, in everything from
designer shops & restaurants to cinemas, hotels & raw industrial buildings. 
Having established the brand this way, and with the the heart and origin in the
creative Copenhagen clubbing & fashion milieu, POPcph expanded in 2008
launching a playful take on a classic collection for men & women
- inspired by these and all tomorrow's parties.

Anyway, here's a selection of both campaign (which are a bit too Terry Richardson-ish for me)  and Tumblr shots (more up my alley).

They also have an online shop and a series of retailailers carrying the brand, including ASOS.

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