Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Magic Hour (outfit)

velvet '60s pants: vintage
60s cashmere sweater : vintage (Ebay)
cape : thrifted
 gloves : vintage (Etsy)
beanie : Goodnight Day
boots : thrifted
cat pin : DIY 
necklace : The Solarium

I know I always complain about the weather, but truth is we've been enjoying quite a bit of sunshine lately, which could be seen as a little miracle.

This winter has been particularly warm, although temperatures do drop dramatically once the sun goes down and we still get that icy wind blowing everything away. At least it still looks pretty much like autumn, despite all the Christmas decorations.

These photos are actually taken during the last 20 minutes of sunlight, during a run to the post office after I came back from school. Lucky enough there's this park nearby that's a little higher than the general level, so we managed to get this beautiful magic hour light (and the devastating winter wind).

Unfortunately the guard kicked us out at 5.30 as the park was closing (they close parks in the evening in Paris, it's a really strange concept), but we still had a decent backdrop by the outer fence.

This is my first cape ever that I used to wear a lot until I found two more; when I dug it out of storage i realized I had spent the entire last year without wearing it, so it had to go back into rotation! It also has pockets and my squeaky baby toy turned into a pin (I should stop telling people it squeaks, they can totally abuse that).

 These velvet pants are an old favorite, but unfortunately they barely fit me anymore, so you'll probably see them in the shop. Come to think about it, they were pretty tight back when I was super skinny, so it's no wonder they seem to tight now.It's just such a pity, as I can never seem to find new pants that fit me right and these were perfectly high waisted! Plus they had this beautiful deco details instead of pockets and were made out of soft cotton velvet...

The sweater is an old Ebay buy that just proves my theory about modern knits - this 30$ cashmere sweater from the '60s that has been previously worn and that I've been wearing constantly for two years has no piling whatsoever. My 80$ acrylic American Apparel cardigan that I got for 18$ on sale is FULL of piling and unwearable after two weeks. My Goodnight, Day beanie is still looking swell after almost a month tho.

It's been a crazy week out here(I was supposed to do another two posts at least!), but I'm sure everyone feels the same before Christmas and on the last week of school. I'll try not to let it die completely during the holidays.

So good luck getting ready everyone!