Monday, December 23, 2013

Art Show Abstraction (outfit)

kaleidoscope  '70s shirt : vintage
coat : thrifted
shawl : Goodnight Day
boots : thrifted

It's been a pretty crazy week; however, during these busy days, the week debuted with almost a pattern - going to a thrift store in the suburbs (that's where you can find the cheapest/nicest stuff), then coming back to ENSBA in the evening for a group show opening (and free drinks).

I guess that pretty much sums up the broke art student lifestyle - eating at CROUS, trekking into the banlieu for Christmas shopping because the only gifts you can afford are at the thrift store, then coming back to school for a free lukewarm Kro (pretty much the French equivalent of PBR) at the opening of someone you vaguely know.

As I haven't seen my friend Viktorija in FOREVER, hearing about her group show was a good excuse to hang out. You may remember her from last year's look book.

She snapped these photos of me with parts of the artwork, so I thought this would be a good excuse for an outfit post and a little peek into ENSBA student life.

I just received this beautiful shawl from Goodnight, Day and it's become an instant favorite! I makes me look like some sort of Abstract Expressionist witch and I love it! Sure it's raw yarn and it sheds a little, but it's also super warm, soft and comfy. Not to mention unique!

I also can't abstain from wearing this Sonia Rykiel skirt every now and then, so someone better snatch it quick before I change my mind about selling it! It looks perfect with my crazy Louis Wain shirt (don't tell me you can't see the comparison!).

Good luck getting all those last minute holiday things ready everyone!


  1. The skirt is darling, along with your mismatched bootlaces! Here's hoping your holidays are wonderful!

  2. This outfit is really good. Specially the blouse and skirt. I had a similar shirt, but never really liked it. But now I think I'll give it another chance. Especially that I found my aunt's old skirt in the same color as yours. Do you think long straight skirt would match such blouse?

    Happy new year darling.


    1. thanks!

      i cant really give style advice without seeing the actual items, but my general credo is that what makes an outfit is 1st and foremost the attitude; if u feel comfortable in sth, it somehow oozes all around the way you move and act and talk and just works.

      sure i try and play w proportions as in sth loose and sth tight, but i just make rlly practical decision like - can i breathe/walk in this? is it warm? will i be in a warmer place? should i layer?

      hope this helps