Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter 2013 Look Book preview : Grey Gardens

I dreaded sunny gates, so I'll meet you at the cemetery gates/ Keats and Yeats are on your side...

I still believe quoting song lyrics is particularly silly, especially if you're not a teen anymore, but my love for The Smiths is obviously still strong and I mean how could you NOT mention one of the best songs about Père Lachaise when doing a photo shoot there?

Some of you might find this a little creepy, but who does dark, decaying and depressing better than the French? To me, there's nothing more appropriate for a winter shoot than French cemeteries. After all, these are basically the best parks within Paris (no, seriously).

Also, we almost never get any snow here, so the landscape looks pretty much the same all through November-April (March if we're lucky), only getting more dark, cold and grey as the months pass.

Grey Gardens is a great reference to me for this atmosphere of a long gone glorious past, living ruins and the beauty of obsolete eccentricity.

We've been having a little more sunshine for a change, yet we had a week of romantic ruins activities - freezing my ass off in Père Lachaise, doing a school field trip to Le Desert de Retz...

Call me morbid, but I think it's a refreshing change from the glitter overload and plastic Christmas trees that have basically taken over the city (and the Internet) already.

It's been quite a challenge shooting and while this is only a mini-collection, I think it captures the best things about the Parisian winter - velvet, black and overcast days.

I should be able to finish editing and share the rest of the photos by Tuesday, then start adding items to the shop the following day, so stay tuned!


  1. I love the idea of Grey Gardens and think you captured the vibe perfectly. Little Eddie darling.

    1. aww, thank you! glad to hear the atmosphere matches!