Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Session de rattrapage : 50s cabbage roses (outfit)

50s skirt : vintage (Ebay)
tank : H&M
market bag : thrifted
necklace : we never sleep

First of all I have to say I tried; I tried taking new photos but I never got around to finish the edit, I tried to write a compelling post about my frustration with make up and beauty products, but once again most of the writing has been going on in my head.
But between editing the 200+ photos of the winter look book  and helping my friend organize a screening in a squat (which meant both lugging gear and performing my PR and DJ duties), I couldn't really put together a more compelling(or rather contemporary) post.

The truth is I pretty much love how these recently-scanned photos turned out.
They were taken at the end of one of those hot sticky summer days (people living in Bucharest know what Indian summer really means), with the sun slowly setting and the breeze setting in.

The skirt is one of my first vintage purchases and so far still my favorite 50s skirt - the fact that is slightly sheer, very full and doesn't get wrinkled easily surely helps. And even if I significantly gained weight since, I still prefer the snug fit of a 24-25'' waistband, anything else just seems to big on me.

Oh, the easy sandals+no bra days!

The photos were taken with my old Russian Chmena 8 that used to be my dad's - you set the focus by distance, there's basically no viewfinder and no light meter, so mastering it can be tricky but I had great results with it and it's super portable, so I kinda have to say it's my favorite camera so far.

Oh, I totally need to stop being nostalgic about the summer but it's OH SO HARD!


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