Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy (belated) Birthday Mr. Miller! And a collection of cosmodemonic tunes

Happy holidays everyone!

Some of you might have been celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or even Festivus, but this year I learned that on December 26th we're actually celebrating Henry Miller's birthday.

As you've probably noticed on the blog before, I find a strong affinity towards Henry Miller - his bohemian lifestyle, his sensualist worldview and funny dirty books. Not to mention his master use of the word cunt.

I started reading Plexus recently and from the first pages the book looks very similar to quite a number of things in my life right now - living in a beautiful place you can't quite afford, being penniless but wearing fine things as silks and furs, encountering strange characters...

So here is a brand new very eclectic mix in honor of our patron saint, Henry Valentine Miller.

Give it a listen here!


  1. happy holidays to you and happy birthday to henry miller. :) i've not actually read anything by him but based on your description he sounds a lot like my favourite authors, so i might have to look him up.

    also, so sorry for the late response to the question you asked on my blog (i'm really slack with the internet sometimes, haha) i'm 25 and i don't think at this age we NEED anti-wrinkle serums just yet but the estee lauder perfectionist serum was actually a birthday present from my mum. i probably wouldn't have felt like i needed it enough to have bought it on my own (it's quite expensive) but it certainly doesn't hurt to use it to prevent wrinkles from coming on early.

    i think the earlier you start taking care of your skin the better it's going to age. once you're 50 there's not a lot you can do to reverse the wrinkles that are already there, so if we have any hope it's to start taking care of ourselves while we're young, haha. i've heard generally around 30 is when people seem to start using anti-wrinkle skincare products though. :)

    little henry lee

    1. oh wow! thanks so much for taking the time and replying to all this!

      i see your point, but after extensive online research i decided i should just keep on using eyecream (which i didnt do before) and invest in a nice moisturizer with SPF.