Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shop update : French designer finds, knits and other vintage treasures

Wow, it's been quite the crazy week! I shot these last weekend, trying to overcome my frustration of the 10 minutes of Parisian sunshine a day and of course this week it's been ALL sunny during the day for like three days, but always when I wasn't able to take photos.

This weather frustration also led to shooting the winter/holiday look book on an overcast day, but on a second thought that's probably the best setting if shooting in Père Lachaise. And of course I COMPLETELY froze my ass off and cursed several times for not think about bring a thermon along (correction- buying the aforementioned thermos to use on aforementioned shoot).

But I think we did a good job for a gloomy winter micro-collection, which I hope to be sharing by the end of the week.

The day also culminated with my Jewish friends coming over for an impromptu last-day-of-Hannukah-vegan-latkes-cooking-party. So yeah, the place still smells like fried shit and will probably stay like that for another week. Fuuun!

In the meantime I managed to list all these beauties (yey!), with quite a few iconic French designers in the mix, including the heartbreakingly beautiful Sonia Rykiel skirt, a sweet agnès b dress and this rare Prince Carmino hippie dress. I guess it's just one of the perks of rummaging through old french clothes, huh?

There are also three magical 70s dresses ( 2 actually, as one already sold out before I could start having second thoughts about selling it), two lovely knit blouses and a sweet silk scarf.

All in the shop now. 

Also a big thank you to all my customers in November, you guys helped pay quite a few bills!

Queen of the Gypsies dress (sold out)


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