Sunday, June 16, 2013

Warm Grey : an easy outfit and a shop update

The first rule of Parisian weather : it's never sunny when you want it to be. Second rule of Parisisan weather : it's almost never sunny. Third rule: it's DEFINITELY not gonna be sunny for two days in a row.

Warm grey. That's how I would describe the weather this week - gravitating around 20C(70F), a little windy, a few drops of rain and a little sunshine for 20 minutes right before the sunset.

After the ''heatwave'' last weekend I was raiding my wardrobe looking for summer essentials to add to the shop; and, of course, by the time I was ready to photograph them it was all back to grey again.

The last twist of this ironic tale- by the time it was nice out again (aka today), I was without a camera or a photographer.

So I decided to just stick to the best dress form shots I could take; I do prefer styling items and proposing an outfit to the shopper along the more neutral shots, but sometimes it's also nice to do things in a more simple way.

 Personally when shopping online I prefer a clear dress form shot rather than an over stylized shot where you can't really see the clothes. Then again it's nice seeing things on a person, especially when buying dresses.

This is an outfit I wore on a quick trip to the post office; it's one of those things that you just slip on and they're stylish, comfortable AND practical! I really love this jumpsuit, but I already have a few so I figured it better go in the shop. The loafers are probably the cheapest shoes I ever thrifted (50cents!) and they have pretty much the perfect cognac beat-up look. Plus tassels! Tassels!

My hair is growing into a weird mess, I really need to find a shampoo that doesn't make it super puffy or grease it up too much. Having had dreadlocks for 6 years, I'm pretty puzzled by having ''normal'' hair again. Any suggestions?

 scarf, belt, shoes, backpack: thrifted
necklace: old African store in Montmartre

... and now for something completely different!

                    50s Hairspray skirt                                              70s Calico Bandwagon twirly skirt

70s Le genou de Claire open knit sweater                        80s Alice in Wonderland Cardigan

                90s Clueless Mesh Tank top                                    80s Dirty Dancing Bodysuit

70s Mes petites amoureuses High Waisted Jeans           In the Mood for Love Maxi Silk Dress

That's about it for now, the Seven Year Itch dress is still waiting for proper dress form photos, but it should be in the store no later than Tuesday.

The next big update will probably be mostly accessories (think silk scarves, hippie bags and vintage eyewear) along with a few vintage slips, but I still have a few very special vintage dresses that might require a more elaborate treatment (including a 30s cotton lawn swiss dot rose number and two of the sweetest 50s velvet dresses!).

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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