Thursday, June 6, 2013

Days of Heaven : early summer look book 2013

Summer is a magical season - vacation, flowers, going to the beach... For a few years now Romanian summers started getting hotter and hotter, with constant temperatures above 30C(90F) followed by short violent thunderstorms.

Parisian summers are nothing like that : they're relatively mild and rainy, with the occasional freak heatwave.

Having experienced a very long winter and almost nonexistent spring this year, I never really packed away my cold weather wardrobe. Then things started intertwining to the point where you couldn't differentiate seasons.

This collection captures exactly this in-between atmosphere, along with a taste for classic shapes and all year round staples. The pieces have been selected for their unique take on classic designs, quality and great attention to detail.

Some of these pieces come from my personal French collection that I started three years ago, while others have been especially purchased with this theme in mind. There are sailor and peter pan collars, Victorian inspirations and even a Liberty of London blouse in the iconic Tana Lawn fabric.

Some of the tops are handmade and one of a kind, others are typically German or Austrian, but they all reflect a certain European style, for sure.

Everyone needs a pretty blouse; why not choose one with a past and a story to tell?

This collection is an exception from the Last Tango in Paris Vintage tradition of coupling each vintage item with a movie reference. Of course, each shirt could have a possible individual name, from Moonrise Kingdom and Wild at Heart to Veronique and Her Week of Wonders, only I wanted to preserve an overall coherence and use a single, central cinematic influence.

The look book's inspiration draws heavily from other Malick films such as Badlands, as well as old Victorian photos, Woodstock snapshots and antique California interiors.

All items will be available tomorrow Saturday evening in the Etsy Boutique.


  1. everything looks lovely! I like how you put this together and the graphic you used on the first picture.

  2. thank you, i'm glad you like it! the title font is actually from the original movie poster, i wish i could do things as cool as that!

  3. J'ai jeté un coup d'oeil à la boutique, de bien belles pièces! J'adore ce petit top & fleur orange !

  4. Your life looks so romantic. These photos are magical. And you are so freaking beautiful!


    1. aww, thanks so much! i've never gotten such a compliment before! ^.^

      well, you know how it is- things always tend to be rosier on the internet.