Saturday, June 8, 2013

Longing for ... Delta Dunarii

I think everyone that knows me is familiar with my love for the Danube Delta and the little paradise at Sfantu Gheorghe.

This is my absolute favorite summer retreat and my friend Catalina and I have been meeting there in August for two years now.

I really hope we'll get to do it again this year! It's grown beyond personal tradition now.

I could go on an on about the immense deserted beach, the night swimming with fluorescent little creatures, the wild beach grill and the frugal camping life, but I'd rather just let the pictures speak for themselves.

She took these amazing photos last year and was kind enough to let me share them here.


  1. I've never been, but the pictures are beautiful! I can see why you'd want to go over and over again.

    1. Oh you MUST go! if you enjoy camping and nature that is... it's a very weird place as there is luxury accommodation with AC and all that and then there are dirt roads and cows on the beach! I love going to the beach and swimming, so this place is pretty perfect as it's nothing like the ''normal'' resorts, although you have a pretty high amount of comfort. Like you can actually hear the waves and there are even fireflies at night! It's the perfect wilderness/civilization balance and you can do it for pretty cheap.

  2. les photos sont très belles!

    Je te souhaite un joli dimanche !


    Coline ♡