Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Daily Lounge ep.4 : tattered lace, 30s nightgowns and bartering

The Daily Lounge is a series of anti-outfit posts featuring pajamas and other ''around the house'' wear. You can read how it all started and its ''manifesto'' here.

I know I originally started this column as a sort of critique of all the cutesy over- Photoshopped editorial-looking outfit posts that seem to be the very essence of fashion blogging, in order to propose a funny, less flattering and more down to earth alternative.

In the end I feel like a total cheater, as I just seem to be parading my silk slips and fun vintage pjs. I mean...I was doing it all for the sweatpants and torn leggings after all! And those huge tops that cover your derriere but are still slightly outrageous to wear out of the house.

I think that's one of the reasons everyone likes Girls so much - because it transpires that sense of authenticity. Remember Hannah and her XXL tee at the end of last season? I mean...that's exactly how I look most of the time and especially during exam period! Attempted haircut, ice cream eating and procrastinating included.

Long story short, I do have a soft spot for vintage slips and fancy night things... When it finally started getting warmer (I still sleep with the winter eiderdown comforter), I knew I had to dig this beauty out.

I'm not sure about its' age, but I have a feeling it might be pretty old, like from the 30s old. Given the bias cut, the soft peach silk like texture (probably rayon), the scalloped sleeves and intricate lace inserts, I would very much like to think I'm right.

I got this last year at the Montreuil flea market with my friend Mandana, right at the point where everyone was packing to call it a day. It had a few stains and numerous breaks in the lace but it was just so pretty! The guy was asking 5 euros for it, but we only had a couple of change left, a little under 2 euros. In the end he gave in and let me have it for about 1.70! I knew the ''I only have this much money left'' works most of the time at the flea market, but not to such extent.

My negotiating skills are usually pretty bad, almost as bad as those displayed in that iconic Monty Python scene from Life of Brian.

Conclusion? I need to learn how to haggle from my fierce Iranian friend!

I ended up cutting away all the delicate organdy part of the lace that was shattered and most of the stains went away. It's still a pretty darn decadent piece!

I'm also preparing a little shop update this Sunday, stay tuned!


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