Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Latest inspiration : Rodarte Fall 2011 collection

Hello darlings!

wheat field printed silk gown via

   I guess you can't do a Days of Heaven collection without acknowledging Rodarte as an influence. when working on my vintage collection,I  completely forgot about their ready to wear collection back in 2011 until my friend pointed out the resemblance (without me telling her the title!).

Looking at this again , I can see a fairly large common ground : the muted colors ( I think with this they completely redefined the meaning of eggshell, beige and off-white), the collars and long flared skirts, and, of course, the crochet and transparent details, the calico prints and folk embroidery.

 Of course, like I previously stated, I think the comparison stems mostly from my choice of styling, but even so I don't consider that I deserve it.

I mean, Rodarte ffs!!

This must be my favorite look from the whole collection that portrays best the type of understated French charm I was trying to capture.

I won't bore you with more photos you probably know by heart... Dressed Cinema has a more coherent post about this collection and its movie influences.

After much editing and deliberation, the final look book will be up tomorrow on the blog (it was really hard to trim it down!). The collection consisting of ten exquisite blouses will be available in the shop on Friday.


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