Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo Diary : Normandy Part II

more photos from the Filmgarden weekend in Normandy, see the rest here

There's no news in stating that weather is deceiving... When it comes to Paris and close by regions, it's downright ironic.

Latest example? Having to deal with a week of full on heatwave in the city (about 30C/86F ), after having the rainiest weekend during the sole nature escapade of the summer!

Now I can only look at these and imagine how cool it would be to be there in nice weather...

Of course, it's not as bad as Bucharest/Romania but the metro is unbearable (I'm sorry, I'm too bad of a cyclist+live too far to adopt that lifestyle) and the only places that have AC around here are cinemas and the frozen goods supermarket sections (Picard anyone?)

In typical Parisian fashion everyone is picnicking by Buttes Chaumont and the Canal Saint Martin, but I find those places too crowded and beer-drenched. Unfortunately the Bois de Vincennes is too far to escape to every day...

Either way, I kinda need to take advantage of this week and shoot the mid-summer look book for the shop (I have a bunch of new summer dresses, some from my personal wardrobe), as I know the summer here can't last for more than 10 days straight.

There's gonna be a Bastille Day (14th of July) sale over the weekend and new stuff next week, unless I my brain gets too fried from the heat (I do need to buy a fan asap!), I'm already getting the dreaded summer nausea.

Anyhow, I can't believe how dreamy those slide film shots can look! I need to get in the habit of getting my rolls developed more often...


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! after all, it was a tiny medieval village with less than 20 inhabitants, no wonder it was so deserted.

  2. Oh my, these pictures are gorgeous! It's like you stepped back in time!

    Good luck surviving the heat, and go get yourself a fan already!