Thursday, July 11, 2013

Latest inspiration : Shabd S/S 12

Ok, this might be very old news for a lot of you - first of all posting not only last season's, but last year's collection is a total fashion blogger faux pas, second of all - this lady is super famous and has taught Martha Steward to tie dye, so maybe this shouldn't even be here in the first place.

But I still think SHABD is pretty neat. It actually has that out there level of coolness that's only revealed in the details.

Nonetheless, I saw one of these images on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. The shapes and styling is deceitfully simple, but thinking about summer heat, all I would really wanna wear are basic silk separates and flowy dresses.

Naturally, in a world where nothing would ever ever wrinkle or need dry cleaning of course!

And if they come in Popsicle colors and super cool prints all the better! This particular collection has been inspired by a trip to Mexico and the color overload out there.

I know in the end it's all about the prints, but somehow I love the shapes and styling best. My favorite look is probably the mustard/black monochrome. 

You can see all of the looks here.

all images courtesy of shabd

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