Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Quatorze Juillet! And a little Anna Karina eye candy

... probably Godard's most blogable movie?  I know it's been done to death,'s a classic!
Everyone knows his obsession with the red, white and blue (and primary colors in general) but I think this film illustrates it best.

Of course, it's probably the least appropriate for the National Holiday (Film Socialisme anyone?) but it's fun and colorful and a great tribute to classic American musical comedies as well as an adorable and witty relationship think piece.

And in the end isn't a fun French classic the perfect way to end a (very) sunny July day? (I got sunburnt at the flea market yesterday)

The French already started celebrating last night with fireworks and local street honking/cheering. I don't know what's in store for later, but I wouldn't mind more fireworks and a late movie (maybe even this new release that kinda has Godard circa Weekend vibe? I'm not really hot for contemporary French cinema, but maybe this one might actually be good or at least fun) . And calling my mum of course! (Happy Birthday mum!)

Also preparing a MAJOR shop update with the cutest dresses ever! But more on that tomorrow.

Until day enjoy the last day of the sale (20% off with the code bastille20, ends Monday 7AM GMT) and this darling dress named after this fun movie!

Have a great Sunday!


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