Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outfit - Camping in Normandy, Come Rain or Come Shine (on film)

Well, I wouldn't really call sleeping in a tent in someone's back yard camping; or a remote village close to L'Aigle really Normandy. Semantics.

The good thing about having friends is that you get invited to pretty amazing events- like Emmanuel's from Lightcone Filmgarden annual summer party.

The experimental film scene is kinda like a family around Paris because everyone seems to know everyone, but it rarely gets beyond that. Except maybe in Emmanuel's back yard.

For three summers now he and his wife invite his close friends (and their friends) to a weekend of outdoor screenings in the garden of his summer cottage. Most people stay for one night and camp out in the garden; there's great food, bonfires and all around good vibes. Plus it's super close to Paris so you don't have to spend a fortune on train tickets(which is why I never travel here)!

Unfortunately the weather was anything but nice and summery - it rained most of the time, my bones completely froze in the evening and I had to deal with the worst wind ever.

Besides the crappy weather and kids overload, I got to taste a little bit of nature (and garden strawberries!), sleep in a tent and ruin my favorite boots (never ever put your shoes by the fire to dry, even if they're your only pair and super wet!).  My favorite part was probably their little house and garden, the local apple juice and probably the best goat cheese I ever had.

And, of course, the tall uncut grass, cow spotting, making a fresh flower crown, picking elder tree flowers for tea,the silence, the singing birds...

I've been basically living in this sweater+leggings+raincoat combo for the 2 days there as it has been pretty darn cold! I think we had maybe 2 hours of sunshine at most but boy did I take advantage of them!

I'm happy I got to experience a bit of French country side, but in the end it only made me more homesick and had me craving for more real nature escapades (and my beloved waterproof hiking boots that I left in Romania).

  gingham shirt, raincoat (H&M), boots (Timberland) : thrifted
pants: American Apparel riding pant in Henna (bought last year on sale)
socks in 1st photo: American Apparel (borrowed)