Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings : film snapshots and a riding pant outfit, again

60s shirt : vintage
sebago boaters : thrifted
kids parka : thrifted
riding pants : american apparel

Well, here they are again : the infamous AA riding pant. This is probably my third outfit post wearing them ( see them here and here). I guess that says a lot, doesn't it?

I sure got my cost per wear down on these babies! Yeah, they make my thighs huge and my derrier even bigger than it already is, but i do love them to pieces.

Maybe because they're hands down the most comfortable pants in the world? They're like leggings but with more style and somewhat make me feel like a naked alien, which is always cool.

I wish I was getting paid to be writing this, but this is my sincere love letter to the pants I've been stalking on sale online for like a week last year, then tried a few pairs in store and since I managed to snatch another pair on sale (steel grey in XS).

But I kinda still love these better; maybe because I went a size up and the waist is abnormally high like I like it?

After one year of intense wear they do have a little pilling and a couple of snags, but they've been more than sturdy so far. Plus they're super light to pack, warm AND I managed to squeeze in a pair of thights under my tighter pair last winter!

I'm still fighting the bulkiness when tucking things in, but I'm completely sold and I would totally get another pair.

Of course I could never look as cool as Anais from everyone's fave The Time Is Grey, but I definitely feel good in them.

While still trying to fight the heat and keep my plants alive ( Kait, sorry for your babies!) , it's nice to look at these shots from last spring and winter (the snow ones are actually from March!) and try to conjure rain.

Home scenes, a rare friendly cat (who seems to like coke) and the inevitable sunset shots. I'm still mindblown about the colors those slides can bring out! Too bad developing them can be so pricey!

Anyone thinking autumn already? I still have a lot of summery things I'd like to do!



  1. I love these pics! You always have such dreamy shots :)

    Also, that chair your plants are sitting upon is awesome! Thanks for feeling my plant pain...I hope you managed yours better than I did!

  2. thanks! i keep shooting cheap film stock that's expensive to develop and somehow forget i used to be a photographer...

    that chair was actually found in the building attic with no bottom; then i had the revelation of using that piece of wood looking like a rothko painting as a bottom and that's how the plant stand was born.

    of course they could all fall and break at the slightest shift in balance. exciting,huh?