Friday, October 11, 2013

Silks and double exposures (outfit)

90s skirt :Clevernettle on Etsy
silk top :thrifted
market bag: thrifted
necklace : we never sleep
I know I promised a shop update as well as other outfit posts from my summer trip archive; I guess I'm still working on keeping one end of that promise.
First of all I have to say that it's officially autumn in Paris- full blown cold season, enough that I had to dig out through my storage suitcases and put my winter coats into circulation already. Also, today I wore gloves! I do have super cold-sensitive hands, but it feels a little too early for kidskin already, don't you think?
Considering it's already snowing in some parts of Romania, maybe I shouldn't be that surprised.
It's been crazy busy here with school getting back in full swing, not to mention catching up with everyone back here, saying goodbye to some people and just re-adapting to Paris life altogether.
I survived Nuit Blanche and I have to admit the biggest installation was probably the abnormal amount of trash and street urination. Given this criteria, the drunk zombies hanging out by Canal St. Martin around 5am were the best performance piece I experienced.
But seriously guys, it's gonna be 1 year since I opened the Etsy boutique this weekend, so I'm preparing a little giveaway to celebrate, details to come. 

Until then I leave you with these gorgeous double exposures that happened absolutely by chance and I still can't believe how good they look. I mean how often do you load your camera with an old forgotten film (already exposed!) you thought blank and have such good results?
 In the end nobody has to know how the magic happens, right?


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