Friday, October 18, 2013

Film&Fashion Fridays : Robert Altman's Nashville

Today a concert-going pal asked me what I've been up to lately; of course, he's one of those Paris characters you see at every show, who probably goes to at lest 4-5 concerts a week, so keeping that in mind he was actually asking me what good movies/shows I've seen lately.

When I mentioned Nashville from the top of my head he seemed confused at first, but when I said Altman's Nashville he replied - ''Oh but you it was high time you see it already!''.

I mean, Nashville is a classic; a non-narrative almost 3-hour classic. Yet I can't say I loved it. Blame it on that stupid ass writer they invited to give a 30-minute talk before the screening that I didn't give a shit about. Or that stupid French douche who had a free empty middle seat in a packed theater and gave me the don't you dare look. Or maybe just my too close-too far to the left seat.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it but given all these unfortunate circumstances I can't say I had all the patience in the world for it. I almost feel like I would have liked it more had I watched it on my computer with a few breaks.

But then again, this film is completely devoid of  narrative drive - which makes it both genius and hard to watch at the same time. The movie has no story - it's just this series of little vignettes, these characters that seem disconnected and somehow all intertwined.

Geraldine Chaplin is playing the utterly annoying BBC reporter who somehow ties everyone together. Or maybe it's not even her, maybe it's the election rally. Or just the country music.

All negativity aside, as I was taking these screenshots now I must admit seeing this on a decently sized screen on 35mm really does make a difference.

I mean I wanted to show you guys all these glorious costumes - the Victorian style dresses, the Western suits, the hippie vibe and last but not least Shelley Fucking Duvall! I mean she IS a legend and has amazing style even when she's playing Olive Oil, but here she totally steals the screen : Afro wigs, amazing kaftans and probably the shortest golden shorts on the planet on what are for sure the skinniest never-ending legs on the planet!

Nashville is pretty much everything you'd want - cynical, funny, absurd, political, musical... It pretty much pisses off everyone who was anyone in the '70s - the country folk singers, the hippies, the disco hipsters, the politicians, the activists, yet you can't really get offended by any of this. It claims to be about Nashville and the booming music scene but in the end it's a very subtle critique of '70s America and the American dream, ultimately.
And there are just so many amazing gratuitous moments - my favorite being Eliott Gould's cameo role as himself! Golden.

I mean seriously - go see it if it plays anywhere! At least for Shelley's hotpants. Just be on time and don't forget to pee before.

The other reason I chose this movie this week is to prep you guys up for the upcoming shop update and look book, which is very 70s Western.

Until then don't forget to enter our giveaway!

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