Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings : A FIAC snapshot (and the giveaway winner)

As Enrico excellently put it : the editors of such a FRENCH thing to do! crashing the FIAC.

Technically we're press, so we had all the right to be there; if anyone was to argue with that, I think our outfits were enough to validate our presence.

Because of course, FIAC is about contemporary art, but it's also very much about money and fashion.

I don't think I've seen so many perfectly tailored suits and pocket squares in one night before!

But the FIAC is an entire thing in itself, as I overheard a girl at the opening saying - ''I should make a blog just about this!''.

It's a very intense 4 day weekend and we've only been to two. Now I kinda regret not having taken my camera, but in a way I guess I enjoyed it more like the hallucinating, over the top art overdose it is.

It's like Fashion Week for the arts, really. And if you get tired of seeing art and just find a seat on the side the corridors are literally catwalks. Especially on opening night.

                          *** The winner of our giveaway is Kati! Congratulations! ***

Thanks again to everyone who participated and your sweet words. Given the relative modest turnout of the event, all the lovely ladies entered will be given a little consolation prize. Let's make next year better!

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  1. You are that dress with that hat! & You made it onto their page, how cool!