Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Night of the Iguana

I have to admit I always had a thing for all things bohemian - the nomad lifestyle, the easy summer beach life, the closeness to nature and love of color in general.

I used to be such a hippie in high school it's quite embarrassing now.

Yet my hair is growing longer and I seem to be more and more attracted to the 70s and 80s again, both fashion and music wise.

I'm quite excited to see all the kimono-wearing-moroccan-jewelry-clad pretty girls with flowy tresses popping up around my pins.

I love that those Mexican dresses are having a moment again - high street shops and designer alike seem yto be copying them, but I still enjoy the vintage ones best. And they are so hard to come across in Europe!

Unfortunately the second one I bought for myself turned out to be a little too tight around the hips; or they just magically grew over the past months, that seems to be happening to me.

I did a little photo shoot around it as the light was so bright and pretty and my cacti and succulents were just the perfect accessory for this bold, exotic dress.

Not to mention it makes me think of Night of the Iguana and Ava Gardner; what more could you ask for?

You can now get it in the shop.


  1. I can't even express how I love those shots. The light is amazing with colors of the dress. So tasty, I can almost imagine the scent of something Iberian... Iberian mood.

    1. aww, you're too kind! they do look Mediterranean/[insert hot weather beach place name] :P

      yes the afternoon light can be pretty amazing, but with the shadows it's not really that great for regular shop photos. i should try and use it more often,