Saturday, August 16, 2014

Film&Fashion Fridays: Leave Her to Heaven

Leave Her to Heaven is one of those classics that needs no further introduction- every single shot is perfectly composed with somptuous decor and envy worthy costumes. Not to mention the rich, saturated Technicolor hues!

As mentioned in my previous post, this movie is a unique blend of film noir and melodrama - something like a cross between Double Indemnity and All that Heaven Allows, but that would be an understatement of its dramatic genious. It's no surprise that John M. Stahl directed the original Imitation of Life in the 1934.

There's jealously, travels, breathtaking mountain scenery and just well...too much love. And murder.

The costumes were designed by the legendary Oleg Cassini, which would explain why Gene Tierney looks so impossibly stylish both in a night gown, a bath robe or a wide-legged pantsuit. Or that's just Gene Tierney and her amazing looks.

I was lucky enough to see a print of it at the Cinematheque a few years back, but the new Blu Ray releases look pretty great also.

But seriously - this is an absolute must for any vintage and/or cinema lover!


  1. Gene Tierney! I totally forgot about her and I used to admire her beauty! Have to see that film, thanks for sharing!

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