Monday, December 3, 2012

The Daily Lounge ep.3 - Cabin Cozy

Hello darlings!

Cardigan: vintage
Tee: thrifted in Romania
Leggings: Chinese via Montreuil flea market

Yup, this is how an Etsy seller looks on a Wednesday morning, between rushing to the office, taking photos for the boutique and making tea.

Apart fom the tee which is definitely a sleeping shirt, the cardigan is one of my favorites and I wear it outside the house pretty often, only it's one of those things that is just too cosy not to throw on whenever you get the chance.

It's probably something I wouldn't sell as it's just ridiculously cute with the little mice and mushrooms! And 100% wool!

It still had the 20th century fox pin on it from the last time I wore it to work... I find it hilarious to wear a mainstream film company pin while working for an experimental film institution!

As for the leggings... they're my go-to bum outfit- the one you do landry in, go down to buy more coke or simply take to school w a chunky sweater when you simply wanna be comfy.

I'm really not a leggings fan in general, except for around the house/PJs, but sometimes they might work.

I bought them in Montreuil for 5 euros, just to find out that one leg is actually shorter than the other!

Oh, the magic of dirt cheap Chinese marchandise!

Do you ever shop at dollar stores? 


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  1. love the print on the cardie, and the pin is fun :)