Friday, December 14, 2012

Film&Fashion Fridays - Lucifer Rising

Hello darlings!

 I'm always using film references for my vintage listing, so I thought I should give you guys a little more context about those crazy titles.

And I want to start with the one of the most exciting and well-known experimental filmmakers- Kenneth Anger!

His films are basically well-staged rituals, filled up with obscure symbols and various mythological references.

Acid-trips in saturated colors with cool soundtracks.

Lucifer Rising is a demonic invocation featuring Marianna Faithful among celtic ruins and Egyptian pyramids.

“A film about the love generation – the birthday party of the Aquarian Age showing actual ceremonies to make Lucifer rise. Lucifer is the Light  god, not the devil – the Rebel Angel behind what’s happening in the world today. His message is that the key of joy is disobedience. Isis (Nature) wakes. Osiris (Death) answers. Lilith (Destroyer) climbs to the place of Sacrifice. The Magus activates the circle and Lucifer – Bringer of Light – breaks through.”

- Kenneth Anger 

I simply makes you wanna get a sequined kaftan, dye your hair black, wear your we never sleep  necklace and somehow time-travel back to late '60s New York...

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